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Course outline

Dual-layer spectral CT is an exciting new technology that provides spectral information in all patients. This course is aimed at new and future users of spectral CT and addresses basic concepts as well as clinical applications across the body.


Participants will be familiarized with the basics of spectral CT, how dual layer spectral CT acquisition is performed as well as the spectral CT software. Participants will learn how to access and interpret the spectral information using a variety of clinical cases in various body areas using the spectral portal software. Case readings will be in a hands-on fashion allowing participants to master the portal software for routine clinical use.


Upon completion of this course participants will have learned:

  1. The technological basis of dual-layer spectral CT
  2. How to access the spectral information in every patient
  3. The spectrum of clinically available spectral reconstructions
  4. The value of spectral CT in various body areas


Course fee

Spectral CT (2 days): € 750,-


Course venue

University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands


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